Frequently Asked Questions

What does GCNFTC stand for?

GCNFTC stands for Ghostchain NFT Club.

How many Genesis GCNFTC were made?


What are some utilities of GCNFTC?

Ownership of a GCNFTC character has the following benefits:
  • Grants eligibility to our bi-weekly “Guess the Logo” quiz.

  • Guarantees an airdrop of our 3D NFTs.

  • Gives you community voting rights.

  • Exclusive & priority access to future “stealth” roadmap activations & companion NFTs.

  • Last and certainly not the least, free access to the GCNFTC Academy - a step by step video course that shows you how to launch your own CNFT project from start to finish.

Since ownership of at least 1 GCNFTC is required to access the Academy, our holders are essentially resellers for our CNFT courses. Not financial advice, but please keep this in mind when you consider selling your GCNFTC as this knowledge is currently worth its weight in gold! Don’t sell yourself short for a quick flip.

How will you fund the community treasury

The GCNFTC Treasury will be funded every week using a portion of the royalties (i.e. 4.9%) from all secondary market sales.

Please keep in mind you may see a message in various marketplaces stating “This project is receiving 7% royalties which goes back to the creator with each sale!” , however, this is incorrect as we will be allocating 4.9% to the treasury with only 2.1% going to GCNFTC team.

Funds will be deposited in the community wallet every Friday by 1:00 AM UTC (i.e. 8:00 PM EST).

In the future, will plan to introduce a “DAO” (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) with multi-sig functionality that controls the community treasury and CNFT portfolio .